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Fancy seeing you here!

In going through my archives for the relaunch, I came across this gem! What makes it particularly special, is the fact that I not only grew up with the caterers and servers, I am now great friends with both the bartender and wedding planner, and married to the lead singer of the band! ;) We actually didn't even 'meet’ until about a year and a half after this Wedding (as he was in a relationship with the bass player at the time), but it was so funny/special to see where we all landed 5 years later! :)

My now friend/wedding planner Erica sought me out to capture this beautiful wedding! She was hired by Victoria and Jeremy to currate this magical and intimate evening. They traveled all the way from Australia to enjoy the wedding of their dreams, complete with yummy food, good drinks, great music, and beautiful photos to remember it all forever!


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