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The Wild Fortenberrys

The Fortenberry's are one of those families that I also get to call my friends!

My Husband grew up with Andrew, and MacKenzie and I grew up on the same street! This shoot actually happened just down the street from where we grew up, and I've always admired this sweet old house going by on my bike as a kid. When I learned that we were going to be photographing here (her grandfathers house), I was so excited! :)

I was a little early, and spent some special time visiting with her Grandfather hearing old stories of the Island and his beautiful home. Such a treat! We started our shoot at the swing-set out back on the beach that he has had since 1968. He was so excited that a third generation was going to get to enjoy it, so he went out and bought an infant swing (from the same location he bought it from originally ;) for his first great grandchild. Which he obviously loved! ;)

This little stud also just became a new little brand ambassador for 'Little Surfer Dude' clothing, so we got some great shots of him and his adorable little beach exploration, while repping his favorite brand ;)

After a quick little splash in the gulf and an outfit change later, the fall sky was showing off, and the temperature was absolutely perfect! This sweet family and I simply frolicked on one of our very favorite beaches, while enjoying a beautiful sunset, and captured beautiful moments and memories while doing so. I look forward to watching this little surfer dude grow!


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